We understand how important it is to have a chiropractor you know and trust.

With over 90 years of combined experience, our team is dedicated to helping you and your family find relief and experience the best that a healthy spine, muscular, skeletal and nervous system has to offer.

We have been proudly serving the St. James, Westwood and Crestview areas of Winnipeg for over 25 years.

The clinic is a multi-practitioner facility, including four chiropractors and a massage therapist.

Sun Chiropractic offers traditional chiropractic treatments including gentle procedures. while also offering: acupuncture, shockwave, laser, electrotherapy, Active Release Techniques®, Trigenics and custom orthotics.

We are accepting new patients and are happy to answer any questions you might have about how we treat our patients.

Our Chiropractic Team

Over 80 Years of Combined Experience Serving The People Of Winnipeg

Dr. Kimberly Castle
*Dr. Kimberly Castle

Dr. Castle has been practicing for twenty five years. She strives to provide quality care for patients of all ages and stages of life. This includes utilizing a variety of chiropractic treatment methods as well as modalities. Dr. Castle values an active, healthy lifestyle and is herself a committed runner who has completed both full and half marathons. 
*Services provided by Kimberly Castle and Russell Baron chiropractic corporation.

Dr. Russell Baron Chiropractor in Winnipeg, St. James, Westwood and Crestview
*Dr. Russell Baron

Dr. Baron has been practicing in the St. James area of Winnipeg for over 25 years.As a committed athlete, runner, triathlete and the father of 3 active teenagers, Dr. Baron has an appreciation for how injuries can not only cause pain and discomfort but can affect your ability to enjoy life, work, play sport, or even affect your mood. Getting you out of pain, feeling better, and back to the activities and life you love as quick as possible is always the goal.
*Services provided by Kimberly Castle and Russell Baron chiropractic corporation.

Darrell Minuk Chiropractor in Winnipeg
Dr. Darrell Minuk

Dr. Darrell Minuk has been practicing in Winnipeg for 30 years. Dr. Minuk has a special interest in whiplash and lower back injuries. He understands just how devastating a chronic, nagging injury can be. Dr. Minuk is passionate about helping his patients find freedom from pain so they can get back to doing the things they really love.

Dr. Kim Moran

As a parent, outdoor enthusiast and former dancer, I know that in our lives “the show must go on” regardless of the pain or injury we are experiencing. That’s why, for the past 17 years my philosophy has been to first listen,    then seek the root causes and possible solutions for the problems my patients have. I also believe in providing patients with the knowledge and tools that enable them to help themselves.


We Also Offer Massage Therapy

Darius Massage Therapist in Winnipeg, Crestview and Westwood

Darius Martens is a recent graduate of the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy, and is trained in osteopathic based assessments and treatments. He specializes in deep tissue work, sports massage, joint mobilizations, Swedish massage and muscle energy techniques. Darius’ special appreciation for helping others led him to study massage therapy after he dealt with his own sport and work-related injuries. He understands how challenging these can be to overcome and is confident that he can assist in the healing process for all types of people. Darius receives great satisfaction seeing his clients make progress towards their goals and pain-free life.  Darius believes a healthy life consists of exercise, eating well, and having the right therapist in your corner.

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The Values That Guide Our Practice

Patient-Centred Care

Every body is different. We take time to listen to your story as we learn about what you are struggling with as well as what your health goals are.

No Long Term Commitments

We don't suggest you sign contracts or sign up for long-term treatment plans. Treatment plans are tailored to your condition and to address your goals in a timely fashion.

Evidence-Informed Care

We use current evidence informed procedures to treat our patients. Our team has expertise in helping you get the care you need to relieve pain, discomfort, and immobility.

Don't Waste Another Day Wishing You
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It's your time to take back your life and start a new chapter, pain-free.