Do you struggle with daily pain after an auto accident?

We help you recover from whiplash and other injuries as soon as possible. We provide a full range of services with years of experience in a variety of techniques, that have been shown to help reduce your pain and help you feel, function, and recover better.

Work With A Chiropractor After An Auto Accident

A Complete Evaluation
While whiplash and back pain are common after a car accident., A thorough evaluation ensures we catch every area that has been injured. We will make sure you are listened to and respected.
Help With Insurance
Too many Manitobans don't realize they have no fault coverage under MPI. Chiropractic care is fully funded (no out of pocket expenses to patients). No referrals are necessary. Our clinic direct bills Autopac.
Customized Care
Because every accident is different, we customize the treatment plan to your needs. We will make sure you get treatment based on the latest and best practices in chiropractic care.
We understand how auto accidents can be tough on your body, your stress-levels and your schedule.
Our chiropractors have extensive training and experience dealing with whiplash and other common injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.

We help speed your recover by using evidence informed treatment like: chiropractic, home exercise, acupuncture, Active Release Technique, Laser and shockwave therapy.

We Are Passionate About Helping Auto Accident Victims Make A Full Recovery

We have the training and experience needed with regards to auto accident related trauma. You can expect a thorough explanation of your injury and any treatments that we may recommend to help speed your recovery.

Want To Get Pain Free?

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