Fitness Tips for Successful New Year's Resolutions in 2020.

With 2020 now upon us, it is the time many of us start our New Year's Resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions have a bit of a shaking reputation. Even though we earmark January 1st to get a new start, sometimes after the first few days or weeks the motivation wanes a bit and we fall back towards our old habits. so how can you stay on track with your motivation? Plan ahead and be realistic. Here are some suggestions that might help keep you on track.

Plan Out A Workout Calendar

More than I’d like to admit, I’ve gone to the gym and once there kinda putzed around doing a bit of this and a bit of that, usually things that I was already good at and didn’t find too challenging.  This is not a great way to make the progress that you want to make.  

Invariably I have had much more success if I have a plan.  A specific plan!  Whether you are running, walking, swimming, biking, or lifting weights having a specific plan will go along way to making sure you stay on track.

Where to you get a plan?  There are no shortage of apps on online plans that can get you off on the right foot.  Below are some that I can recommend from personal experience.

Workout on the same schedule.

Try to carve out some time for yourself to do your chosen activity.  Ideally, it would be the same time every workout  or at least the same schedule every week.  For instance, if your are doing a 5 day a week progressive resistance program and you are a morning kind of person, then go every weekday at the same time before work.Just starting out a running program and mornings are not your thing?  Then maybe lunchtime 3 days a week and one run on the weekend fits your schedule better.

Be flexible

But you just told me to have a schedule.  Certainly, a schedule is best, but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work every now and again.  Try to find another time to fit it in.  Remember done is better than perfect.  Even though being flexible is important don’t be too flexible; you should still try to stick to a schedule.

Drink More Water

It is no surprise to any of us that drinking more water is important,   it’s still something that many of us could improve on. This new year, you should focus on trying to ensure that you’re getting enough of water to optimize your overall health. Upping and keeping track of your water intake will help you stay energized, clear up your skin, and it can even promote healthy weight loss.

It’s as simple as making sure that you have a water bottle tucked away in your bag and reminding yourself to top it up every hour or so. While only being a small change, you’ll see the significant benefits in no time.

Try Out A New Exercise Class

With what seems to be a never-ending stream of options available for exercise classes, there are no shortage of opportunities to join a facility that offers a scheduled or un-scheduled classes.   City gyms often have classes as does the YMCA and of course there are many private gyms that offer a variety of classes.

Personally, I am familiar with 9 round both here in Westwood and on Waverly.  If you want a killer 30-minute fun and guided workout, you can’t do better than 9 round.

Up Your Nutrition Game

Making changes to your diet can be especially challenging for many of us.  Start slow and don’t and make small changes at first.  But just like an exercise plan having a planned ahead nutrition strategy can go a long way to making a successful transition.

An obvious but probably not easy change to make would be to stop drinking your calories. Yup, that means no more pop (including low cal or sugar-free) and stop or minimize the fancy Starbucks drinks not only will your waist thank you, so will your wallet.

Find Something You Really Like to do.

Often, people don’t stick to their New Year’s Resolutions for a straightforward reason: they hate it.

Sometimes it’s an over-ambitious diet or too challenging workout plan. Either way, the fact remains that many people end up resenting the fact that they even decided to set a particular goal. And then they quit.  So whatever, plan you make, be realistic.  Try something new; most of the exercise locations have introductory classes or even several times you can go for free to try them out.  If one doesn’t float your boat, try a different one.

Also, remember to give it time.  It is way easier to be enthused and stay committed to your program once you start to see results.  Unfortunately, those results will take time so make sure to give yourself several weeks at least before you expect to see some change.

See Your Chiropractor and Get Adjusted Regularly.

With all the new activities and working out you are doing keeping your body moving and functioning at it's best will be an essential piece of your New Years success puzzle. Getting adjusted regularly will not only help you deal with the various aches and pains that you may experience but it will also help you move and function at your best and help you avoid unnecessary injuries.

At Sun Chiropractic we have loads of experience helping athletes of all levels from beginner, to recreational to professional deal with injuries and also prevent injury and improve performance.

Get a Massage.

With increase activity come increased demand on your muscles. This can cause them to be stiff and sore. In those cases Darius is here to help loosen your up and get you back to comfortably performing at your best.

From all of us at Sun Chiropractic Happy New Year!

Dr. Russell Baron


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