We have put together a list of questions we get from our patients. It is our hope that it helps bring some clarity to you about what chiropractors do and how we can help you.

What is an adjustment?

The gentle correction of motion of spinal bones manually or by a device to improve motion and flexibility and to normalize proper function and optimize movement.

What are the main causes of joint, muscle and nerve problems?

There are several sources of problems in our body:

Physical traumas such as slips, falls, whiplash, repetitive motions, bad posture, back packs, or even stress can all cause joint, muscle and nerve issues. Regardles of the specific cause in your situation we are adept and finding and correcting areas of your body that are not functionally as well as they could or should.

How long does chiropractic take to work and do I have to keep going?

Whether you are looking for pain or symptom relief or long term correction and maintenance of your spine, we have the care plan for you!

We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and conducting an in depth examination.  We have the ability to refer for digital x-ray and our doctors take the time to go over all the findings with you personally, and recommend  care that is catered to your needs. We do not insist on a commitment to long-term treatment plans, there are no contracts and no pressure. Our care plans are built on the foundation of developing a trusting relationship with you by focusing on what is important to you.

Do you treat or adjust me on the first visit?

After we get some information about you and give you a brief client orientation, we often do a treatment or adjustment on the first visit. 

Do you have an issue that is not in your spine region? Elbow, knee, shoulder, foot pain for example?

We do help with these areas also through our hands on techniques and in office modalities such as Shockwave therapy, Laser or Custom orthotics for the feet. We are also skilled at providing self management advice and custom home exercise programs.

Can you Tell me more about “Techniques” or how you treat?

At our office we base our adjustment techniques on patient needs. Often we will apply more than one type of adjustment depending on your needs. We pride ourselves in our detailed examination and discussion with our patient on treatment options. We are often asked if we do the "cracking" adjustments or the non "cracking" adjustments. The answer is it depends on the person.  After seeing thousands of patients we realize that everyone responds differently and doing the same thing on everyone doesn't get the best results.

Manual chiropractic adjustments are aimed at improving the motion of specific spinal bones that results in better overall spinal motion and pain relief.  Sometimes a "cracking" sound is heard which is caused by a decreased pressure inside the joint and the new release of synovial fluid which provides nutrition and lubrication to the joint surfaces.

Low force adjustments that do not result in the "cracking" sound such as table drops, and instrument adjustments such as Activator, Impulse or Torque Release focus on a gentle type of adjustment. For some patients this is the method that they prefer.

Dr. Russell Baron


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