Are You Done With Neck Pain?

Neck pain is common in Winnipeg and unfortunately is often a recurring issue for many people.  As many as one in 5 people will experience neck pain in any given year.  Many of those people recover quickly, but sometimes neck pain recurs and can even become chronic.  That is why getting a diagnosis and treatment is important.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

What can a chiropractor due to help you?  Studies show that spinal adjustments are a safe an effective way to deal with many types of neck pain.  

But it doesn’t stop there.  chiropractors are spine, muscle and nervous system experts that are adept at not only diagnosing and treating neck pain but also recommending and managing home exercise programs that have also been shown to be an effective treatment.  

Aside from that chiropractors often employ a variety of other strategies to help your recovery from neck pain quickly.  Things like: low-intensity laser, acupuncture and soft tissue techniques can aid in your recovery.

Another important factor is lifestyle and postural advice.  Lots of seated computer work, or looking at your phone can lead to muscle fatigue, ligament strains and joint pain.  

What Is The Brugger Position?

There is one particularly effective exercise you can do.  Set a timer and then every 20 min or so stop what you are doing, sit up straight (or stand up straight) pull your shoulder blades back, rotate your hands and arms outwards and take several deep breaths.  This is called the Brugger position and doing it frequently during the day can go along way to helping you avoid neck and upper back pain.

The KEY is to set the timer to remind you to do these! If you have a significant forward head carriage and rounded shoulders, the chiropractor at Sun Chiropractic can show you important addition exercises, to help you recover quickly and manage some episodes on your own.

We recognize that you have a choice of who you see for the treatment of neck pain and appreciate you trusting Sun Chiropractic.

Dr. Russell Baron


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