Shockwave is a safe and effective treatment
for chronic shoulder pain.

We will get you feeling better, fast.

Chiropractic with Shockwave is effective for many types of chronic shoulder pain including pain caused by: rotator cuff tendonitis, frozen shoulder and calcium deposits ( calcific tendonitis).

In as few as 4 treatments, many patients are substantially (80%) or more improved.  Submit the form below and we will contact you shortly to find a convenient appointment time for you.

Surgery should be your last option. Try us first.

If you are struggling with chronic shoulder pain, we appreciate the opportunity to help in the recovery.

"I tried Shockwave treatment for my foot that has been bugging me for awhile. In literally one treatment it felt 100x better. I'm using it for some nagging shoulder rotator cuff issues and again my shoulder feels so much better. My range of motion has improved as well. Dr. Baron is fantastic and so is the rest of the staff at Sun Chiropractic. Highly recommend to go in and have an assessment done to see if shock wave treatment would work for you."

KELLY R. |  Google Review

"have recently completed 3 sessions of Shock Wave therapy with Dr. Baron for DeQuervain's Tendinosis which is very painful. This affected my dominant hand. I had tried ice, heat, various topical anti-inflammatories stretches, etc. They were all band-aid effects, with very short term relief, if any. The first session was painful but started to feel relief within hours of receiving shockwave. After my 3rd session, I can honestly say I have 95% improvement, very impressed with this procedure and Dr. Baron's disposition thru the procedure was very encouraging. I would definitely recommend shock wave therapy. It may not be for everyone, however, it did work well for me. Thank you, Dr. Baron! "


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